“This is for the ignorant ones with opinions”

“This is for the ignorant ones with opinions”

On the surface, Doing Me is a happy and care-free R&B song. Bass-heavy, with a constant “la la la” in the background, it is undoubtedly uplifting and instantly puts me in a good mood. In reality though, it is so much more than that.

This song is self-empowering, it is appreciative of the everyday struggles many Black women and girls are forced to face. In a society where some of us are simply not always appreciated for who we are, “Doing Me” is a breath of fresh air and rightly celebrates our uniqueness. “Doing Me” is about living for yourself and only yourself. Ray BLK speaks on her ever-changing style; “Sometimes I wear my hair down to my back, or I cut a bob and do it into single plaits”. Afro textured hair is constantly analysed and scrutinised. But admittedly, it stands out and it is different. Our hair is more than just hair, it is culture and it is history.

“I’m gonna show ya show ya show ya” is a constant line in the song. Ray BLK is very much about proving others wrong and she acknowledges the desperate need for sisterhood and togetherness in London’s brutal society. Her music embodies pride and unity in an individualistic, selfish world. She speaks on prejudice and appearance; “A short skirt doesn’t mean that I want it”, maybe songs like these will force people to stop and consider the fact that although style is an important image of expression, we are actually so much more than what we wear. (Shocker!)

We all have lazy days. And with a lazy day comes a lazy outfit. A favourite line in the song of mine is; “My appearance doesn’t represent my wallet”. That guy in a tracksuit across the road is not going to attack you, he has actually run out of milk and just wants to make a quick trip to the local Sainsbury’s. So leave the poor guy alone 🙁

Ray BLK is the winner of BBC Music Sound of 2017 and rightly so. Her music should be acknowledged and appreciated. Ray Blk is a “girls girl”, as mentioned in her interview for The Fader. She is all for supporting and empowering women who don’t always see a place for them in society or feel accepted. She cares about other girls and making sure that they have someone who can speak for them or at least understands their struggle. I think we could all learn something from Ray BLK’s music.

For some context, give “Doing Me” a listen by clicking here

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